HOw Does a BrainDump Declutter your mind?


The clutter in your mind is keeping you from succeeding. A BrainDump treats your brain like a clothes closet and offers a “Marie Kondo” of your thoughts. You get a shining orderly and decluttered path back to thinking clearly.


Other people love BrainDump sessions because they are so different to the usual way people talk about business.

Step One:

Schedule your BrainDump and plan on 90-120 minutes.

Step Two:

Your BrainDump with Alexandra is via Zoom, on a Miro whiteboard. You will tell (dump out) all of your issues regarding your business. A good old fashioned purge!

Step Three:

Alexandra takes all your thoughts, ideas and worries and creates electronic boards by topic. Because she has listened to your train of thought, she understands how your brain jumps from one topic to another and how they can be related. You will be asked leading questions to help get it all out of your mind.

Step Four:

Within 48 hours you receive your own electronic boards of everything in your head. It is no longer swirling, afraid of being forgotten. You will have a physical representation of all that is in your mind to refer to, understand, and create action.

Step Five:

We will meet for 60 min to discuss your boards and help you come up with your game plan for success.

Step six:

Move forward in your business with your internal resources spelled out for next steps. All with calm, confidence, and clarity!


Want to talk about your ideas with a professional business counselor more? SURE! Alexandra is available for additional business counseling.


The information included at this site is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for mental health treatment by a health care professional. 



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Frequently asked questions (faq)

Why do I need Alexandra to do my BrainDump?

With Alexandra’s project mgmt background, corporate training experience, compassion, and Scrum master training, she is uniquely qualified to help people get their thoughts in order so they can be useful instead of overwhelming.

What is a Scrum Master?

Scrum is a framework for project mgmt that is team oriented and involves small increments of work that is transparent, inspected, and adapted


How does it work?

Click here for a video explanation!


Can’t I just do a BrainDump by myself?

Sure! Just like you can paint your house, plan your wedding, or cook your own dinner. People hire a professional to help them save time and not have to deal with the learning curve.


Need more information about how mental clarity helps you succeed in your business?

here is a white paper: “How Mental Clarity helps business leaders succeed”.


Alexandra Evans, BrainDump Specialist
Alexandra Evans, BrainDump Specialist